2019-03-31-Zilker Kite Festival

99 images

2018-03-10-Treaty Oak Kite Festival

98 images

2018-03-04-Zilker Kite Festival

17 images

2017-06-29-Thursday Night Social Ride

30 images

2017-04-23-Zilker Park Flying Kites

125 images

2017-03-18-2nd Annual Kitetail Fest

104 images

2017-03-12-Zilker Kite Festival

70 images

2017-01-20-Flying with Jess

35 images

2016-03-06-Zilker Kite Festival

1772 images

2015-03-01-Zilker Kite Festival

592 images

1 folder

2013-03-03-Zilker Kite Festival

851 images

2012-07-07-ASF Field

389 images

2012-03-04-Zilker Kite Festival

1163 images

2012-03-03-Dick Nichols Park

37 images

2011-10-22-Tour de Fat

46 images

2011-09-24-Zilker Park

265 images

2011-07-10-HCAM Field

111 images

2011-07-07-Zilker Park

14 images

Back to Zilker Park, trying a Canon A495 this time

2011-03-06-Zilker Kite Festival

109 images

At the Zilker Kite Festival

2011-03-01-Zilker Park

35 images

Zilker park is indeed a favorite ...

2011-02-24-Barton Skyway and Mopac

34 images

On the parking garage at work

2011-02-22-Doug Sahm Hill

83 images

Doug Sahm Hill, trying new camera again, 2011-02-22

2011-02-13-Dick Nichols Park

33 images

Dick Nichols Part, trying a new camera, 2011-02-13

2011-02-04-Zilker Park

369 images

Zilker_Park, the day after the snow, 2011-02-04

2010-10-29-Near the House

89 images

Near my house, 2010-10-29

2009-06-26-Doug Sahm Hill

85 images

Near Doug Sahm Hill, Austin, during Critical Mass


103 images

Zilker Park, Austin


402 images

HCAM Field, Electic Fun-fly


218 images

ASF field, Pflugerville, looking for (and finding!) lost Aquila


616 images

Zilker Park, Austin


292 images

HCAM Field, Austin


213 images

HCAM Field, Austin


250 images

Dick Nichols Park, Austin


299 images

Zilker Park, Austin


250 images

Zilker Park, Austin


295 images

ASF field, Pflugerville


207 images

ASF field, Pflugerville

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